Sale and maintenance
We offer the right equipment to adequately stage your events with light, sound and pyrotechnology. We also have various self-igniting fireworks (class II) or under supervision by our pyrotechnician (class IV).  
Product groups
-         Fireworks for different occasions with light images and background music
          (for Weddings, birthdays etc.)
-         Light technology
          (From light emitting diodes to moving heads –all possible on request)
-         Sound technology
          (From CD-player to large-scale sound systems – all possible on request)
-         Accessory
           (From wire to fog fluid – all possible on request)

Service and repair
-         Increasing the life expectancy of your units
-         Higher yield of light by cleaning and service
-         The use of lighting equipment is getting more ecological (less electricity   
           consumption – lower  electricity bill)
Give us a call! We’ll be glad to advise you!