Mozart Fantasy & Sounds: Classical music within an impressive setting 
Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.
Just like Mozart´s music, this show connects love of life and effortlessness with passion, intellect and melancholy. The starting point of the multimedia show is “Fantasy in D Minor” KV 397 for piano, which the conductor Lutz Gerlach arranged for percussion, drums and modern keyboards. Gerlach, pianist Ulrike Mai and violinist Katja Jahn perform the “Sonata in G Major” and the soprano Maren Roederer sings the famous aria “The Blonde.”
Some of Mozart’s well-known works were arranged by Lutz Gerlach in an unconventional and contemporary way. The “Turkish March” is played with a Hip-Hop beat and the “Duet of Papageno and Papagena” as reggae music. Mozart’s original notes are transferred into present-day genres and presented in a contemporary manner. We also have Ralf Templin as soloist, one of the most sought after studio musicians, and Bernd Schimmler on drums and percussion.

As the name implies, the ensemble Bella Musica is devoted to good music.  Venetian baroque, playful rococo, dreamy romanticism, the fascinating world of the musical and the melancholic flair of film music are the hallmark of this ensemble. With their baroque costumes, they are the ideal orchestra for the opening of this wonderful show. With their swaying, stretching movements, the dancers put us in touch with the sounds of Mozart and Gerlach’s breathtaking tonal arrangements. Audiences are elated time and time again. 
Glamorous light moods and 3-D holographic laser figures in brilliant varieties of color give the Laser Event Company show an impressive ambience. Through biographical animations of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the melodies and dancing scenes, as well as effective graphics, this enthralling light-and-laser spectacle speaks to all of your emotions and senses.