When the Dream Leaves the Night
Spectacular show with music, dance and light

Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.
The multimedia Mega-event “When the Dream Leaves the Night” has already been performed in various contexts with great success throughout Germany.  Close to 100,000 people have seen this spectacular show so far, and were motivated to dream and dance along. Certainly the shows “Jena leuchtet” (Jena shines, 2008) and “Kaiser in Flammen” (Emperor in flames) at Kyffhäuser 2007 or in Bad Kösen 2006 would be counted as highlights among our mega-events. 
Breathtaking lightning
The title of this project originates from the painting of the artist Karin Schöpa from Ahrenshoop at the Baltic Sea, who is quite old by now. It was there she presented it to Lutz Gerlach—musician, composer and event-artist.  Inspired and motivated by this wonderful title, he wrote the music for a CD and performed the release before thousands of people as a big event on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, where he also lives. This ambitious artist has not only released over 30 CDs worldwide, but has also conceived and produced countless events. 
Gerlach has also worked effectively with the Laser Event Company (LEC).  His works have been performed at major artistic events, including the Festspielen Potsdam-Sancoussi, at the Art Collection in Brandenburg, at the Quedlinburg Cathedral and in many other places.   “When the Dream Leaves the Night” is a project that portrays the desire that many people have to just forget the cares of life in these hard times and to dream with all their senses.  This is probably the reason why there has been such a growing demand for it, with audiences always enjoying new facets.  Let your dream come true as well, in realizing yet another of these projects.