An Experience for the Senses

Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.
This multimedia show is an exceptional production that appeals to the senses, enchanting and drawing the audience into whole new worlds.

Holographic animations of light and laser beams as well as fantastic music are combined in an original manner. The laser-animated “Muse of Nature” was especially created for this show.

Each part of the show is briefly described below.

Strobo effects and coloured fog  
1. Introduction
With the onset of darkness, a bright laser beam (YAG) is emitted from a distinctive point in the room to capture the attention of the audience. The show begins, consisting mainly of laser animations. Pertaining to the show, maps of the world, Europe and Germany, and images from the venue are animated by laser. Various logos and emblems can also be shown. The opening of “Experience for the Senses” is a dazzling visual display.

2. Awakening
With a multitude of lighting moods the stage is set. Colored fog, pyrotechnics, and strobe lights are part of the fantastical scene.  

Laser animated figure "Muse of Nature"  
3. Nature: Part I
Here the figure of the Muse of Nature appears for the first time. She is projected onto a 20 x 15 meter large wall of water. The special relationship between culture and nature should be conveyed to the audience. 

4. Space Laser Show
The space laser show directed towards the onlookers begins with fantastic 3-D effects. Laser-projected figures in brilliant colors appear gigantic because of the large distance from the audience. Dancers wearing UV-costumes move and interact with these figures in an original choreography. Magnificent pyrotechnic effects are part of the show.

Grand finale with firework  
5. Nature: Part II
The water wall is built up for the second time. Unique and futuristic images of nature are composed on a massive scale by laser animations. Themes of nature and culture are presented. Finally, the Muse of Nature as well as butterflies, blossoms, plants, and other beauties of nature are projected on the water wall. This act leads into the final fireworks spectacle.

6. Final Scene
The focus of the finale is a huge fireworks display combined with an intensive space laser show choreographed with music.