City Lights: Colors of Fantasy with Invisible Touch—the Best of Phil Collins and Genesis  
Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.
A unique light and laser show blending with the sound of charismatic band “Invisible Touch” connects us to the bright lights of music history. In a grand extravaganza, the authentic expression of a live impersonator revives the world-famous productions from the oeuvre of Phil Collins. The immortalized hits of Genesis and Phil Collins ring out powerfully.
Colors of Fantasy  
This musical treat is accompanied by a multimedia show in perfect synchronization and meticulously matched to the mood of Phil Collins and Genesis. An interaction of huge 3-D laser-created figures, and 2-D and 3-D laser animations intoned with rhythmic light sequences creates an experience that gets under the skin. 

This first class vocal simulation of Jürgen Kaselowsky of Invisible Touch astounds and convinces the audience through its perfect reproduction and charisma.
With songs like “In the Air Tonight,” there is something literally in the air: An unbelievably good mood in an atmosphere of synchronized art. The singer and band members claim that they can’t dance, but with the onset of “I Can’t Dance,” the audience gains a different opinion and follows along with the computer-simulated moves shown large on the canvas.

We are opening Saxony’s largest multimedia show with an atmospheric intro of another cover band. Possibilities are Joe Cocker, Bee Gees or Abba.

Even though the show announces by its name, an   Invisible Touch, the audience will be visibly affected.